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List of Organizations
Following are the organizations, which are registered under Indian Laws as charitable organizations working in the various fields and need your support to achieve their objectives.
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Name of the OrganizationMain Objectives
Dept. of Medical Social Work 1) To establish a link between the patient, KEM hospital's medical team and community at large.
2) To give counseling to patients (or their relatives) who are suffering from chronic disease/illness e.g. Cancer, T.B., and HIV +ve; and help them in every possible way for the recovery.
3) Participation in the education of social work students.
4) To conduct workshops on HIV awareness, attitudes and bio-safety precautions.
Gram-Mangal 1) Mainly concentrate on "Child Education" in tribal area.
2) Introducing concept like "Joyful Learning" to the kids through trained teachers.
3) Experience with total educational drive encompassing all age groups through adult literacy programs.
4) We have adopted following five values: Liberty, Rationality, Co-operation, the Joy of Labor and Aesthetics.
Sampoorna Bamboo Kendra 1) To promote the cultivation, craftsmanship skills and use of Bamboo on a wide scale in India thereby generating employment on a wide scale among aboriginal Indians.
2) To help increase the production and productivity of bamboo in forest and non-forest sector of the country.
3) To assist in the socio-economic upliftment of the aboriginals in India by setting up an educational institute, by holding artisan fairs etc.
4) To help in every possible way in the event of natural calamities.
Society of Friends of the Sassoon Hospitals (SOFOSH)
Please click here for some documents that have been submitted by SOFOSH
1) To provide assistance to low income patients to purchase life saving drugs which are not provided by the hospital.
2) To help and support burn victims by providing nutritious food, assist in blood donation and much more.
3) To provide support to the babies deprived of birth families by providing them with the cost of medication & hospitalization.
4) To provide services, and care to orphaned mentally challenged children from birth to five years.
Swadhar Alternative School 1) To help woman in distress.
2) Undertaking a project for learning opportunities to children who have never gone to school because of poverty or lack of awareness of their parents.
3) To conduct various programs for all round developments of the students, such as trips to educational places, sports programs, teachers & parents meeting.
4) To start vocational training classes or apprenticeship training to our students.
Upekshit Sevabhavi Society 1) To educate economically & socially deprived people on various fronts such as education, health awareness, and employment.
2) To bring unity among a society by creating groups, such as Woman's, young adults, youth groups to bring them in mainstream of the society.
3) To motivate and/or create awareness for education.
4) Finally create such a society that will be free from deprivation of basis needs.